Season begins!!

Hello All! After a long summer break and not hearing from me for a long time, here is a short update. I just started my season out here in Saas-Fee. For the people that don’t know Saas-Fee, it’s a car free village and people live in houses where goats used to sleep, eat and shit.  … You would think this would be the sickest village ever if people live in those kind of houses, but actually it’s pretty boring.   Basically there is just a really big mountain, huge glacier and a good fun-park. I’m here now with the Dutch team to train and get used to my board again.  I haven’t been on a board for the last 5 months, so it’s kind of necessary. Even though I haven’t been snowboarding for so long, it’s actually going very well. Here is a small clip off Dimi, Rocco and myself having some fun on our way to the park!